ACS Test System consists of the AC power supply with voltage range of 25 – 100 kV and power range of 20 – 100 kVA together with PD and/or C & tan delta (dissipation factor) options. AC high voltage sources are used for dielectric proof tests on high voltage components – according to IEC and IEEE/ANSI standards – such as distribution transformers, instrument transformers, switchgear, bushings, motors, cable terminations to give just a few examples. The ACS range is our latest generation of standard dielectric test sets. Over 100 years of experience in high voltage test equipments has gone into design and manufacture of the series. The ACS test sets are easy and safe to use with long trouble free life cycle. HAEFELY HVC 300 AC controls the system. This state of the art PLC based control includes all necessary components for the operation of the test system and communicates with a standard Windows based computer running CaMS (Control and Measurement Studio). CaMS is HAEFELY’s universal platform for controlling test systems and measuring instruments. It is extremely easy to use and has a very gentle learning curve and allows the operator to start using the system with minimal training. The ACS test sets can be combined with our highly accurate measuring instruments to perform additional tests like partial discharges or tan d (dissipation factor). If combined with a PD detector the PD free option guarantees <1 pC to test up to the highest standards or customer requirements.


  • Fulfils IEC, IEEE/ANSI and other relevant national standards
  • Highest industrial Safety Integrity Level SIL 3 (ISO 61508) certified
  • All in one solution from a single supplier
  • HVC 300 AC control unit with HAEFELY CaMS user interface
  • Tank type oil isolated HV transformer with capacitive bushing, temperature
    indicator and dehydrated breather
  • Fastest and most reliable electronic flash detection
  • PD free (option)