Cable Current Transformer JLD

Bar current transformers of type JLD are used in indoor and outdoor applications for medium or high voltage systems. They transform currents up to 5000 A into standardized values for meters, measuring and protection devices. Bar current transformers are typically used in wall, floor or ceiling openings. They consist mainly of a wall bushing and the coupled current transformer part. The wall bushing provides  the insulation against high voltage and also represents the primary winding of the current transformer. Up to 5 cores can be included in the current transformer part. Degrees of protection can optionally be provided between IP 20 and IP 65. Bar current transformers of type JLD can be designed for outdoor / outdoor, outdoor / indoor and indoor / indoor applications. The corresponding wall bushing and insulation type of the current transformer part must be appropriately selected. A silicone- shielded wall bushing with a current transformer part cast in outdoor-resistant casting resin is used for outdoor applications. The current transformer parts are cast in polyurethane (PUR) for indoor applications. A special core padding ensures that the magnetic properties are not affected by thermal compression stresses. This allows the class accuracy to remain constant over decades.


  • Up to 5 cores possible
  • High short circuit current values possible