Current Transformer JK-GCT

High current transformers type JK-GCT are mounted on insulated generator bushings. They transform high currents up to 50000 A into standardised values for meters, measuring and protection devices. Type JK-GCT current transformers are used for installation on high-current ducts for generators. They transform high currents up to 50,000 A into standardised, equivalent values for counters, measuring equipment and protection devices. The high currents and short phase distances that generators experience place extreme demands on transformers in terms of temperature and interfering fields. Compensating windings are fitted to achieve the necessary accuracy, with the transformers also being designed to withstand very high temperatures. This type can be manufactured and tested in accordance with specific standards. Protection classes for transient transmission behaviour (TPY, TPZ) are also possible. The secondary connections are located in separate terminal boxes.


Equipped with compensating windings to block interfering fields