The D429CRS is a powerful CPU platform with the following communication interfaces:

  • RS485 (X1/X2 and X5) The D429CRS supports two independent RS485 interfaces.
  • CAN (X3) As an option the D429CRS supports virtually all CAN operating modes and baud rates: Version 2.0a and 2.0b, with up to 1 Mbaud.
  • RS232 (X4) This serial line interface is intended for service purposes. Data can be routed between these buses according to an application specific definition of the gateway functionality. The amount of data being transferred is mainly limited by the architectural limits of the respective bus system. CPU A powerful ARM7 CPU runs application specific software. The D429CRS comes from duagon with a boot loader, real time operating system (eCos), and serial line support. The user implements the application and communication driver software according to his own needs. The development environment relies on GNUC. The download of software takes place via RS232 on X4. The D429CRS is designed for the harsh traction environment and conforms to the EN50121 / EN50155 / EN61373 standards, e.g. by:
  • -40 to +70°C operating temperature
  • coating against humidity
  • enhanced EMI and vibration robustness The device is integrated in a  stainless-steel housing.