Cable Current Transformer JKS-S / JKS

Split core cable current transformers of type JKS-S / JKS are used in indoor switchgears. They transform high currents up to 3000 A into standardized values for meters, measuring and protection devices. The split core cable current transformer is designed for subsequent installation on fully insulated medium and high voltage cables. This enables retrofitting of existing systems in a simple manner. Primary currents of up to 3000 A can be measured. A specific core padding ensures that the magnetic properties, and therefore the class accuracy, remain constant for decades. The active part is cast in polyurethane (PUR). Type JKS transformers come with a housing degree of protection up to IP 20; type JKS-S transformers up to IP 40. Thanks to a wide range of geometric dimensions the cable current transformer can be adapted to customer requirements. Any installation position is normally possible.