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HAEFELY is a well-known Swiss company for its premium solutions in high voltage test equipment for manufacturers of Power, Distribution and Instrument Transformers, Cables and Switchgear. The company was founded by pioneer Emil Haefely in 1904. It has been based in Basel in the intervening decades, where they employ more than a hundred highly qualified engineers. 

HAEFELY has a worldwide network of representatives and local service points providing a wide range of services well beyond standard after-sales customer support.

Highly skilled and experienced customer support teams guarantee seamless worldwide service for all our products. Their high level of knowledge is reinforced by continuous, comprehensive product and service training sessions in collaboration with the respective development and production areas as well as our quality management team.


Founded in 1927, PFIFFNER Instrument Transformers Ltd is the only instrument transformer manufacturer in Switzerland today. PFIFFNER is an independent industrial company which manufactures high-quality, modern and competitive products for electricity suppliers and industrial companies.
The product range includes all current and voltage transformers, from low voltage up to the 550 kV high voltage level, from a few amps up to 50000 amps in the giant power stations.


Founded back in 1990, TAINET, a pioneering leased-line modem maker, established the first all-Taiwanese modem Network Management System in 1992. In order to succeed in the rapid-changing networking industry, the engineering team of Tainet successively developed the innovative Ethernet access device and VoIP system. Tainet remains competitive while holding on to the spirit of the solution-based and service-oriented strategy. Tainet is the leader in the Telecommunication Industry of Taiwan for 30 years. Tainet solutions are widely deployed by carriers and utility companies worldwide.
Tainet is a provider of carrier-class access equipment, our customer group targets on Telecommunication companies, Service Operators and Business users. The main products of Tainet include xDSL Modem, VoIP Gateway, Media Converter, Analog Modem, GEPON and more. The ultimate goal of Tainet is to provide ubiquitous Access Network applications and solutions with reliable and affordable products. Our team believes in the existence of the perfect network, and it’s our duty to achieve it.


Duagon AG, a Swiss technology company, is a leading supplier for communication, computing and control technology as well as project planning and development services for system-critical applications in the rail, medical and critical automation market.
For the rail sector, Duagon AG develops and manufactures communication solutions for train networks, control, monitoring and information systems, both as standard products and as customized solutions.
For the medical industry, the technology company develops and manufactures reliable, compact and long-term available COMs, carrier boards and systems including the required software adaptations.


Over the last 100 years, the constant here is the focus on quality and innovation. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Founded 1898 with the name of Süddeutsche Kabelwerke (Südkabel) in Mannheim. 1970 by combining several companies the Kabel- und Lackdrahtenfabriken GmbH (Kabel+Draht) was formed. Starting 1st January 2004 Johann Erich Wilms took over the cable and accessory plants with all activities in Mannheim from ABB. Since then the company carries its traditional name Südkabel GmbH. Südkabel produces (extra) high voltage cables, medium voltage cables as well as a broad range of cable accessories.
Our working life revolves around energy – through energy, dedication and the creative minds of our team we are able to provide you with products, solutions and services that allow your electrical power system to run smoothly, safely and efficiently.


“In 2001, Trakblaze Pty Ltd was the first company globally to achieve high-speed train weighing, up to 85km – Government trade approved.” Trakblaze Pty Ltd is a weighing systems company, specialising in products specifically designed for the rail, road, mining and aviation industries. With 88 years of experience in the many facets of weighing systems technology. We are a recognised leader in the manufacture and supply of technologically advanced scales. The main focus of our unique product offering is on both static and high-speed in-motion weighing systems for trains, trucks, mining and aircraft. This includes  portable train scales for all passenger and freight trains and rail workshops, portable mining truck scales, wireless truck scales and weighbridges. With a combined total of over 350 mining, road and rail scales, Trakblaze Pty Ltd now has the most comprehensive range of weighing equipment and systems installed worldwide.

Boasting the latest load cell technology, all of our train scales, weighbridges and portable mining truck scales are recognised as using a genuine method for creating long term, accurate and reliable weighing systems. Trakblaze also has a wide range of balancing and train weighbridge systems for dynamic train weighing, static train weighing and portable train weighing. Our train weighbridges accurately weigh in both static & dynamic parameters and suitable for use in all aspects of the rail and mining industry applications, including mining load out sites in a  curved track 

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