The central unit i101 is the core of all MVB-ionia™ systems. The space-saving form factor allows the design of a compact train controller unit. Huge processing power for any application is provided by the integrated high performance ARM® CortexTM-A8 processor (core speed of up to 800 MHz) and 256 MB DDR2- SDRAM. Accessing the train bus MVB is done directly, without any additional card. The module offers a fast and secure point-to-point connection with a maximum of 10 (optionally 27) extension modules (power, input/output or communication). In this way, small and large train applications (I/O count) can be addressed easily with one central unit.A built-in supervisory mechanism called «Condition Monitoring» can detect and record any defined device status, such as overtemperature, overcurrent, etc. as well as selected  userdefined values. The service interfaces, through Ethernet and USB, offers quick access to diagnostic information and all recorded data. Developing the train management application is done easily and time-saving by one of the five methods defined by IEC 61131. The i101 is designed for harsh rolling stock environments and is fully compliant to EN 50155.



  • Complex applications running on a high-performance 32bit ARM® processor
  • 100Mbit «Serial Star Controller»: no need for physical module addressing
  • Up to 10 (optionally) 27 extension modules
  • Flash file system with up to 2GB
  • IEC61131 for fast and easy application programming
  • Detailed diagnostics through ETH
  • Complies to EN 50155, EN 50121, IEC 61375, IEC 61131